Donor: World Vision International

Project Period: April to November 2016

Project Area

Gorkha (Kerabari,Gyachok, Hansapur, Samagaun, Lho, Prok, Bihi. Chumchet, Chaikampar, and Sirdibas VDCs and Palungtar municipality)

Nuwakot (Bidur municipality, Narjamandap, Haldekalika, and Sundaradevi VDCs),

Sindhupalchok (Haibung, Bhotechaur, Kuvinde, Sangachok, Sanosirubari, Pipaldanda, and Phulpingkot VDCs)

Project Components

  1. Cash Transfer: The project will transfer cash with an amount 7,500 NRP per month to identified households for 6 months. The minimum amount (7,500 NRP) accounts for about 75% of the average minimum expenditure basket advised by the Cash Coordination Group (CCG) to cover the basic needs such as food, shelter, health, education, medicine, transportation for a household of five for one month. 
  2. Training: Identified households are encouraged to participate in different kinds of training that aim to improve their well-being in general. The content of training may vary in different areas depending on the need and preference of the communities including WASH and Hygiene, Mother and Child Care, Health and Nutrition, Economic literacy etc.


Awareness sessions were conducted in five different topics over the period of six months. All the beneficiaries participated in the sessions conducted. In total 9,717 vulnerable people selected as defined by the criteria set were benefited from cash transfer and awareness programs during the project period. The vulnerable people affected by the earthquake had freedom to use the grants for their needful purpose which supported them to recover from emergency.