In Education, DEPROSC-Nepal has been successful in delivering both in-formal (primary schooling) and non-formal education (basic and business literacy). Thousands of out of school children were mainstreamed creating child friendly teaching learning environment in primary schools. The organization has contributed the government of Nepal in making illiteracy free Nepal. Additionally, its’ involvement in the human resource development of rural beneficiaries through the execution of formal and informal educational activities ranging from children to adult people has been very impressive. It developed curriculum for Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes, trained facilitators, set up child development centers and linked those children from the children to formal schooling after certain period of Non-Formal Education (NFE) classes. On the other hand, it intervened through school enrollment programs, support school facilities and facilitation for retention of girls at schools. Empowering women through awareness, education and access to finance is among some key intervention areas of DEPROSC-Nepal. It run entrepreneurship development and vocational trainings to vulnerable people inclusive of caste, ethnicity, gender and disability.


DEPROSC-Nepal has developed number of modules on literacy and business literacy to educate both men and women. It has trained more than 2000 facilitators to run such classes, some of whom are still in contact list. It’s fresh knowledge on methodology and approaches have worked well generating anticipated results. Moreover, it is organizing training and exposure visits for the capacity development trainers, staff/ trainers of other institutions, and beneficiaries on topics like social mobilization, leadership development, strategic planning, contingency planning, accounts and record keeping, business planning, trainings on microfinance etc. has been very effective in developing trained HR. It has completed 14 projects benefitting 1,18,984 households under the theme.