DEPROSC-Nepal is currently implementing “Empowering Women Farmers with Digital
Finance, Nepal” project which is led by Practical Action under the financial support of
JERSEY OVERSEAS AID, UK. DEPROSC-Nepal signed the contract between with
Practical Action for a project period of 38 months starting from August 01, 2022 to October
2025. The project’s intervention targets eight rural municipalities of three districts in
Lumbini province – Dangisaran & Shantinagar of Dang, Bhume & Putha Uttarganga of
Rukum East, and Thawang, Triveni, Runtigadi & Pariwartan of Rolpa districts in Lumbini
Province. This project addresses the needs of poor and marginalized women farmers and co-
operatives by supporting the digitization of selected agricultural and dairy value chain
transactions, enterprise development activities and increasing access to finance. Prabhu
Management is the partner for providing Digital Services.
The project has planned to mobilized up-to 80 Women Digital Champions (WDC) to reach
and educate 5500 farmers (80% women) with the training contents developed by the project
team. The Sammunati digital Financial module was developed to transfer the knowledge and
Women Digital Champions plays a key role in unlocking the potential of women farmers
through digital and financial literacy education; household dialogue and Women agency
building to overcome negative social and gender norms; and mentorship. The project
provides farmers and co-operatives with relevant digital services and technology and
strengthen the relationships and linkages between women farmers, co-operatives, financial
service providers, financial institutions and local authorities. This will lead to inclusive and
sustainable policy so that the digital financial service ecosystem reaches and serves the most
remote and marginalised farming communities, ensuring no one is left behind.