• Irrigation and
  • Rural Electrification (Micro hydro)

The main objective of the project was to construct micro irrigation schemes which directly helps to increase agriculture production by growing more varieties of crops and extended growing season that will help to increase income of the farmers.

Project area:

The project document selected three hilly districts, namely Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Shindhupalchok for interventions. Regarding VDCs, 7 from (i.e. Bhorle, Syafru,Ramche, Haku, Yarsa, Dhaibung, Laharepauwa) of Rasuwa, 1 VDC (Belkot) of Nuwakot and 1 VDC (Marming) of Sindhupalchok

Activities and Achievement of the Project till 2006

The project helped to construct 16 micro irrigation schemes, 4 of which are being constructed in collaboration with Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) in Rasuwa district. One irrigation project in Yarsa VDC ward no 7 was extended to construct a micro hydro scheme of 6 KW capacity. These irrigation projects have directly benefited 1226 households and 125 households have directly benefited from micro hydro project. Details are in table below.

S.N. District No.of Schemes Funding Agency Beneficiary HHs Population (Nos) Command Area (ha) Total Cost
1 Rasuwa 9 NRA 618 3758 283 9,711,470
2 Rasuwa 4 NRA/PAF 347 2414 169 On going
3 Nuwakot 2 NRA 210 1144 80 2,488,951
4 Sindhupalchok 1 NRA 51 281 30 1,103,453
Total   16   1226 7597 562 13303874

Farmers of Yarsa VDC ward no 7, Langbu village, irrigating their kitchen garden by Irrigation stand post constructed by the project

Planning for 2007

The project was supposed to complete in April 2006 however due to political situation in the country some of the proposed activities could not be completed.

In 2007 it is planned to complete the remaining works in Rasuwa. Final evaluation of the project will be done on behalf of government of Nepal by Social Welfare Council and based on its recommendation new program for 2008 will be designed.

In 2008, DEPROSC-Nepal is planning to expand the program in Dhadhing district. It is anticipated that few activities will also be added in the new program.