CECI (MARD) USAID (Grant Number 367-G 0097-00064-00)


  • High value cash crops/ vegetables production and marketing
  • Vegetable seed production
  • Other crops
  • Market management
  • Nutrition Improvement
  • Irrigation development
  • Farmer’s Training / capacity enhancement programs
  • Livestock Development
  • NTFP Promotion
  • Savings and Credit (Rural Finance)

Project area:

The project was implemented in 6 VDCs of Nuwakot district namely Kakani, Madanpur, Chaturale, Okharpauwa, Belkot and Jiling.

Activities and Achievement of the Project

Description of indicators Achievement
a. Marketing of HVCC  
Marketed annual production (MT):  
End of project (Feb.02) 2276
First Year (Feb 98) 588
Sales (Million Rupees):  
End of project (Feb.02) 31.8
First year (Feb 98) 4.7
Livestock product (MT) 854.6
Value (Million Rupees) 16.08
Milk Chilling Vat estd.(with Community participation) 1
NTFP Promotion and management training (No.) 5
b. Number of saving member in SCOs (Cumulative)  
End of project (Feb.02) 2471
c. Women members in SCOs (%) 48
d. Total Savings (Million Rs.)  
End of project (Feb.02) 4.9
Total Number of Savings and Credit Organizations (SCOs) 33
e. Number of producers of cash crop (HH)  
End of project (Feb.02) 3000
Production Groups Promotion  
Small irrigation (increase in irrigated area Ha.) 130
No. of schemes 8
h. Improved nutritional status Increase in awareness
Operation of Business Literacy Classless

Capacity Enhancement (Training to farmers and members of local institution/SCOs)

Social mobilization:

  • 3000 members of Production groups trained in High Value Cash Crop /Vegetable Nursery Management and Operation Training, Crop husbandry, Integrated Pest Management and sustainable agriculture, Plant protection, post harvest handling, Micro-enterprises development and Market exploration and management etc)
  • 12 Farmers/youth trained and supported in Village Animal Health Workers (VAHW)
  • 500 farmers trained in livestock related tranining (Livestock management and marketing, Animal husbandry, Dairy / Chilling Vat Management, Dairy equipment operation, exposure visits and Market Management)
  • 2000 members of SCOs trained for SCOs (savings and credit management and promotion, Account managemtn, Record Keeping, Loan management, Savings management, Business planning, Linkage and networking, Savings and credit Organization Management, Exposure visit)
  • 50 farmers trained on Forest nursery mangemnet, NTFP promotion,
  • Business literacy operation
  • Nutrition education and health service,
  • Micro-enterprise development
  • Gender and development
  • Capacity Enhancement (Training to staff)
  • TOT, SCO management, Loan Management, Livestock management, Agriculture development


  • Increase in Household income
  • Increased women participation in decision making position
  • Increase in Self employment
  • Spill-over effect in adjoining areas
  • Capacity building at local level (Promotion and strengthening of local institutions) and networking
  • Awareness raising in nutrition aspect
  • Self employment generation
  • Local institution development