Canadian Cooperation Office, Lazimpat, Kathmandu Nepal Canadian Cooperation Office, Lazimpat, Kathmandu Nepal


  • Organization development
  • Community development
  • Resource generation
  • Income generation

Project area:

Sarsau village and Betang village of Ward no 2 and 3 of Bhorle VDC and Ghormu village of ward no 9 of Yarsa VDC of Rasuwa district in Central Development Region of Nepal.

Activities and Achievement of the Project

1. Baseline and detail survey

The baseline survey of the program sites were conducted. The baseline survey gives the overall status on education, literacy medical facilities, hygiene, sanitation and other basic amenities. Detail household survey was also done to collect the data at the household level.

2. Organization development program

  • 10 CBOs were formed
  • 1 local NGO named Community Development Centre was formed by federating these 10 CBOs
  • The new local NGO was also provided with leadership and NGO strengthening training and other technical support during the project period.

3. Community Development Program

  • 4 drinking water schemes with 28 taps were constructed in the three villages
  • 60 low cost latrines were constructed in Sarsu and Betang villages
  • A 4 KW peltric set was installed in Ghormu Village from which 130 bulbs (25 watts each) were lighted by people of 60 households.

4. Resource generation

  • 276 members participated in collecting regular saving.
  • NRs 19000 was collected as group saving within a very short interval of time.
  • Out of NRs 19000, NRs 17000 was mobilized as loan to its members
  • Population education program was organized in the project area to create awareness on primary health care and sanitation

5. Income generation

  • Angora rabbit rearing training was organized as a part of skills development trainings to 6 farmers for income generation. 7 pairs of rabbits were also distributed to the farmers after the training.
  • 14 Kg vegetable seeds and 200 fruit saplings of different fruit variety (lemon, apricot oranges) were also distributed to the lead innovative farmers with subsidized cost.
  • 150 Amriso (broom grass) rhizome were also distributed to the beneficiaries as a part of income generation as well as for the rehabilitation of degraded lands.

Achievement of the program

This was one of the first successful projects that was implemented under participatory process in that area. In this way it was an innovative project at that time.

Social mobilization at that time was very difficult. However, the project had achieved its objective. For the sustainability of the project, Quick Response Fund was also established to meet immediate need of local communities for initiating income generation activities.