Rural Development Program/GTZ


  • Management and Coordination
  • Institution Development
  • Leasehold Forestry and Natural Resource Conservation
  • Rural Finance
  • Community Projects
  • Income Generation Activities.

Project area: 4 VDCs of Lamjung district namely Nauther, Shree Manjang, Gaunda and Pachowk VDC.

Activities and Achievement of the Project

1. Management and Coordination

  • Annual operation plan were prepared and presented to DDC and VDCs every fiscal year
  • 11 information meeting with DDC and 8 meetings with VDC were organized
  • 47 review and planning workshop organized
  • 31 monthly staff meeting organized
  • 342 self help groups meeting organized and meeting minutes maintained.

2 Institution Development

  • 28 self help groups are formed where out of total 1140 members 407 are females and 125 are disadvantaged groups.
  • 27 leasehold groups promoted where out of 208 total members 33 are females and 7 are disadvantaged.
  • 4 self help organization promoted
  • 8 inter group cooperatives were promoted and registered legally. 238 females out of 716 total members including 74isadvantaged people represented in the cooperatives.

3. Leasehold Forestry and Natural Resource Conservation

  • 27 leasehold forestry user groups (LFUGs) were formed
  • 120.58 hectare degraded government forest was handed over to 169 members associated with 27 LFUGs as leasehold forest.
  • 4 Forest nurseries were established which produced 20,000 seedlings of different tree species. All these seedlings were planted in the leasehold forest.
  • Non-timber forest products promotion and management training and Bamboo and cane processing trainings were organized.

4. Rural Finance

  • 7 Cooperatives annual general assembly conducted
  • 47% women hold membership in executive committee of self help group
  • 2 self help groups registered as cooperatives
  • NRs. 1,455,231.00 generated as internal saving
  • NRs. 4,238,226 mobilized as loan
  • Promotion and management training, loan management training, advance accounting training and leadership development training were organized.

5. Community Projects

  • 290 low cost latrines constructed by 290 households
  • 3 micro irrigation schemes constructed which irrigates 41 hectares of land
  • 2 drinking water supply schemes were constructed
  • 2 school buildings rehabilitated
  • 1272 smokeless stoves were supported to 1272 households

6. Income Generation Activities

  • 160 she goats supported
  • 4236 poultry supported
  • 8 bucks distributed
  • 4 burdizzo castrators provided to Self Help Groups and total 2734 animals were drenched and treated from disease.
  • 4 off season and 2 on season vegetable nurseries established
  • 51 piglets and 14 boars supported
  • 742 fruit saplings supported


Achievement of the program

Leasehold forestry groups turned into capable and viable local institutions through the SHG cooperatives.

Saving and credit cooperatives offered effective rural finance services to their members and thus generating internal resources also.

More than 50% households covered by the project started on farm and off farm income generating activities.

Leasehold land was protected and developed with timber and non-timber forest resources. Project beneficiaries also initiated various alternative forest based income generating activities like broom grass and bamboo products.