DEPROSC-Nepal’s Silver Jubilee Academic Award Guideline 2022

About Award          

DEPROSC-Nepal based on its more than 29 years of field experience in the field rural development and long involvement in action researches has understood that there are gaps in development research, weak documentation and lack of academic research in the area. It is therefore, DEPROSC Nepal setup “DEPROSC-Nepal Silver Jubilee Academic Award” to mark 25 years of its success. It also aims for knowledge generation and knowledge acquisition in the development sector. This award will provide research grants for graduating students in any of its major thematic areas, with an aim to open up new opportunities for young and energetic graduates and value their potentials to embark new ways to support DEPROSC rural development vision to see food secured and resilient community. This award will be granted to research students for Master’s thesis from Nepal based Universities. 


Selection Criteria:

Proposals submitted will be evaluated on the basis of research quality considering broadly the following areas:

  1. Research relevancy (Scientific/social importance, relevancy to our working themes)
  2. Literature Review
  3. Proposed research study methodology
  4. Writing Style
  5. Motivation and commitment to work in the research area.


Thematic areas for 2022 call

This research grant will cover the diverse working themes of DEPROSC Nepal. This year research call will broadly focus on the following field.

  1. Digital Financial Services for Agri Entrepreneurs
  2. Flood and its effects on livelihood, education and health
  3. Model of private sector investment in agriculture in Nepal
  4. Growing unemployment and Role of Technical/Vocational Education and Skills
  5. Financial Advisory Services in the context of Digitization
  6. Youth and Entrepreneurship in Nepal
  7. Agripreneurship
  8. Role of financial literacy in Investment Management


  • Should be full time student studying in Nepali University.
  • Hold Nepali citizenship.
  • Proposed research site should be within Nepal.


Grant information

The grant amount of 1,01,000.00 (In words. NRs. One lakh and one thousand only) will be provided to one selected student. The grant will be disbursed in three installments.

  • After the approval of proposal and research plan (30%).
  • After completion of field visit and submission of draft report (40%).
  • After presentation and submission of copy of approved thesis to DEPROSC-Nepal (30%).


Research Period

The awardee will be provided with a year time period, from the date of the award announced to complete his/her research and submit approved copy of final thesis.

If the awardee fails to meet this timeline, the contract will be withdrawn and DEPROSC-Nepal will not provide any grants thereafter.


Proposal guideline

The research proposal should be no more than 8-10 pages and should be in Times New Roman font with single spacing and font size of 12 and written in English. It should include the following information.

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Literature review
  • Rationale of the study
  • Research questions
  • Hypothesis/hypotheses
  • Project-general and specific objectives
  • Research methodology
    • Site description
    • Data collection methods
    • Statistical analyses (if any)
    • Models to be used (if any)
  • Expected results
  • Timeline
  • Budget breakdown along with justification on the use of budget
  • References


Follow respective University standard guidelines and should be accepted by the University research committee.


Other official documents to be submitted

  • A duly filled application form. You can download the form Click Here
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) of the student with detailed contact address and phone number
  • An official approval letter of Head of Department or Supervisor from respective department or college with a valid authorized signature and mentioning the title of the proposed research.
  • Copy of certificates of past degrees,
  • Copy of student’s identity card,



  • Copy of approved research proposal
  • Draft report
  • Approved thesis