DEPROSC-Nepal signs a contract with Prabhu Management

DEPROSC-Nepal and Prabhu Management Pvt. Ltd. have entered into an agreement on November 04, 2022 for implementation of Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) funded and Practical Action supported “Empowering Women Farmers with Digital Finance, Nepal”.  The project will work in eight rural municipalities namely: Dangisaran and Shantinagar of Dang; Runtigadi, Thawang, Pariwartan, Tribeni of Rolpa; Bhume, Putha Uttarganga of Rukum East. The project period is August 2022-October 2025.

Prabhu Management (PM) is a leading institution in promotion and delivery of digital financial services in Nepal so it will bring its DFS expertise to increase the access of DFS among project participants by mobilizing FIs working in the region.

The project outcomes includes to increase the access 5500 farmers (80% women) to a wide range of affordable and appropriate digital financial products and services to support their crop and livestock value chains and enterprise development activities.