Agreement with USAID Nepal

DEPROSC-Nepal has entered into an agreement with USAID to implement Feed the Future Business Literacy Program.

DEPROSC-Nepal has entered into a three year (March 2014-February 2017) project agreement with USAID Nepal to implement ‘Business Literacy Program’, in 20 districts of far western, mid western and western development regions. The objective of this program for Nepal is to increase the resilience of vulnerable households and communities through enhanced literacy, numeracy and business/ entrepreneurial skills. There are three main activities within this program, which are: 1. Development of business literacy training materials, 2. Delivery of Training of Trainers, and 3. Delivery of business literacy training to beneficiaries. These activities will thereby enable women, youth, disadvantaged, and ethnic minorities to improve their access to agricultural and nutrition interventions and business opportunities.

By means of these activities, DEPROSC will reach at least of 54000 beneficiaries and contribute to train 48,000 beneficiaries trained (one beneficiary per household) so that most of these vulnerable households benefiting directly from USG assistance. It is estimated that 97% (46,560) of beneficiaries successfully completing the literacy training and 90% (43,200) of trainees that initiate/expand sales of good/services by the end. DEPROSC will also partner with Samjhauta Nepal (another NGO) while implementing some of these activities.
This program will have a close working relationship with KISAN, which is to sustainably reduce poverty and hunger in Nepal by achieving inclusive growth in the agriculture sector, increasing the income of farm families, and improving nutritional status, especially of women and children. Winrock International is leading the implementation of KISAN, in which 5 national NGOs are engaged in agriculture, credit & finance, nutrition, sanitation etc.