30th Annual General Meeting

DEPROSC- Nepal’s 30th Annual General Meeting: Reflecting three decades of impact

DEPROSC-Nepal celebrated its 30th annual general meeting (AGM) with a grand celebration in Kathmandu on October 4, 2023, at its own office hall. There were 17 general members including board members and the distinguished guests including Ward Chairperson of Ward Number 11 from Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

30-annual-general-meeting-1During the meeting, the annual reports of the chairperson and treasurer were presented, discussed, and approved by the meeting. DEPROSC-Nepal Acting Executive Director, Kailash Rijal, welcomed the participants and highlighted the historical background of the non-governmental organization and its importance as well as the completed program by the organization. Similarly, he also highlighted the potential focused working area for the future.

30-annual-general-meeting-2The event was a significant milestone in the organization’s journey toward the positive change and development of the community/nation. DEPROSC-Nepal continues to work diligently to make a positive impact on society and enhance the well-being of the people of the country. The Annual general meeting served as a platform for the organization to reflect on its achievements with the general members, local government of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, and other invitees of the stakeholders and it was a good opportunity to gather the feedback and suggestions from general members and other distinguished guests to set new goals and direction for the future.

30-annual-general-meeting-3The Ward Chairperson from Ward Number 11 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mr. Hiralal Tandukar demonstrated the strong support and collaboration between DEPROSC-Nepal and the ward office. He said that the organization has played an important role in coordination with the ward office as well as taught us how to coordinate with donor agencies and the area of collaboration with NGOs. He appreciated the transparency of the organization during his speech. He blessed the organization with positive and regular success.

Through  well-planned programs and initiatives, Deprosc-Nepal has reached out to a total of 52,500 under-privileged families in over 40 districts of Nepal, providing them with much-needed assistance and support this year. This heartwarming endeavor serves as a shining example of how collective efforts can bring changes and uplift the life of those within our society.

With the initiation of ex-employees, current employees and well wishers, Deprosc-Nepal collected funds and helped several victims of Kalikot landslide and flood to restore their lives. The effort has been appreciated by all the stakeholders. Deprosc-Nepal plans to create more positive impacts on people’s life in the upcoming days.


At the end of the program, the vice chairperson thanked all participants including distinguished guests for their positive and constructive support to complete the AGM. The AGM was adjourned by the chairperson of the program and the board of the organization.