Medical Supplies Support to Kapilbastu Hospital

Kapilbastu hospital had released an announcement on Baishak 26, 2078 to provide financial support to the hospital to assist them in buying oxygen and personal protective equipment’s (PPEs) to the frontline staffs on set of growing number of COVID 19 patients in Kapilbastu.   

Following the announcement, DEPROSC-Nepal, quickly decided to procure such essential medical supplies from its own resources and handed over to the Kapilvastu hospital in presence of concerned doctors, Mayor of Kapilvastu municipality, ward chairpersons of ward number 2 and 3, Social Development Officer of Kapilvastu municipality and representatives of other various social organizations of Kapilvastu. Cost of handed over supplies was Rs. 300,000. News related to this can be read in the links given below. 

List of materials handed over

  1. PPE – 130 sets,
  2. Face shield – 130 sets,
  3. N95 Mask – 130 pieces,
  4. Gloves – 2500 pieces,
  5. Surgical gloves – 690 pieces,


Some photographs of medical supplies handing over ceremony


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