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Mr. Janardan Sharma Paudel

Mr. Paudel has served Government of Nepal for more than 32 years upto the capacity of Joint Secretary. He holds a Masters of Arts in Nepali, “Acharya” in Astronomy and B.A. He has also worked as Lecturer for 2 years in Tribhuvan University. Mr. Paudel has numerous publications such as “Nepali Nagarikta Ra Yes Sambandhi Aain Kanoon”, “Aamako Samjhana”, “Bartaman”, “Paudel Santati”, “Ramnath Smritte”, “Panama”, Assouch Bidhan Sangraha” etc. He is decorated by “Mahendra Bidyabhusan Kha”, “Prabal Gorkha Dakchhin Bahu- Chautha”, “Shubharajya Bisekh Award” and many others in the field of social services.