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Ganesh Kumar K.C.

Mr. Ganesh Kumar K.C. is an agriculture specialist with extensive experience in the sector. He has served Government of Nepal for 39 long years in various capacities including, Agriculture Policy Specialist, National Program Director, Plant Protection & Pest Management and Post-Harvest Specialist, Project Manager and many more. He started his career in Nepal Civil Services as Research Entomologist and worked up to top policy level position of Agriculture Secretary in Government of Nepal. Multi-disciplinary team leadership, stakeholder relations, human resource development through capacity building and various technical trainings, agriculture policy analysis, agriculture commercialization and market system analysis and Post-harvest loss management are some of his key area of expertise. In addition, he had worked as an “Institutionalization Support Expert” in FAO/Government of Nepal’s “Integrated Pest Management Project (IPM) and as Micro Irrigation and Water Resource Utilization expert in WINROCK International and IDE.

Mr. K.C. is currently involved in DEPROSC Nepal as Program Advisor. Project design, implementation, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of agriculture and livelihood improvement projects, natural resources management and micro finance programs, Sanitary and phyto-sanitary policy for strengthening plant quarantine capacity are few of his key responsibilities.