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A. Institutional capacity building
B. Livelihood improvement
C. Community assets creation and rehabilitation and
D. Access to health and education

Project area: 3 districts of Mid and Far-western Development Regions namely: Banke, Bardiya and Kanchanpur districts.

Activities and Achievement of the Project

  • 1. Staff training
  • 2 events of Staff orientation and training completed to ensure effective and timely implementation of project activities
  • 2. Institutional Capacity Building (ICB)
    • 3 District Information Meetings with Line Agencies organized
    • 34 Settlement Level Workshop organized
    • Completion of 2 Capacity Assessment of Existing Committees, CBOs & Groups
    • Social, Resource and Other Mappings organized at 30 settlements
    • 11 sessions of Training on (leadership, management, savings mobilization, A/C) for Main committees, CBOs, Groups organized
    • 3 District Project Advisory Committee (3) formed with representation of concerned government offices like DDC, DEO, DHO, and concerned stakeholders
    • Organization of 9 District Advisory Committee Meetings.
    • Organization of 7 Periodic Review of the Achievements of Programs
    • 6 programs organized on Advocacy Against Early Marriage, Gender Equity, Untouchability
    • 8 programs organized on Awareness Raising on Child Rights, Human Rights, Humanitarian 1 training organized on Social Psyche Preparation for Equitable Society and Peace Building
  • 3. Livelihood Opportunities
    • organization of 12 events of 11 different types of Skills Transfer Training organized for 223 members from the community including 65% ex-kamaiyas and 13 % dalits
    • Masonry, plumbing, carpentry, wall painting, cycle repairing, house wiring, motor driving, bee keeping, fish farming, mushroom cultivation, basic tailoring,
    • Follow up and Support provided to active Trainees to establish entrepreneurship
    • Resource Management Training provided to 2748 participants
    • Training on preventive and curative management of livestock provided to 988 participants
    • Planning of organization of 1 training for Development of local veterinary technician (VAHW) in 2007
    • Livestock heads supported for breed improvement and set livestock based enterprise etc.)
    • One time Basic input support of seeds, saplings, PPM materials for off-season vegetable and other cash crop promotion and demonstration for 778 Households.
    • Support in developing /strengthening market centers
    • Market linkage development and market management training.
    • Exposure visits
  • 4. Community Assets
    • 14 different community assets (school and health posts buildings) construction/ rehabilitation for ensure access to education and health services
    • 2 CBO/main committee buildings constructed
    • Facilitation and installation of 357 Micro irrigation schemes ( treadle pumps, canal erection) completed
    • Rural road access improved in 13 sites
    • River works and gabion wall construction
    • Facilitation and installation of 167 drinking water facilities (low water table, increase material costs) on cost sharing basis
    • 106 Low-cost improved latrines as model for health hygiene and sanitation practice
  • 5. Access to Health and Education
    • 5 events of social mobilization for regular immunization campaign
    • V18 DC level review meetings with FCHVs to ensure coverage of all eligible children with immunization
    • 8 events of Training of community health workers/CBO representatives
    • 28 events of Awareness raising on nutritional care and ANC/PNC for safe motherhood and child health
    • 17 watch groups formed and strengthened for care of pregnant women and facilitation for ANC and PNC
    • 18 health post supported with basic equipment and medicines to ensures access to health services in conflict areas
    • Training to health post staff (TBA training 5 Kanchanpur, 3days refresher TBA Bardiya 5)
    • 29 schools supported with basic teaching/ learning/playing materials to support quality education
    • 14 schools support for extra-curricular activities on child right, education, integration issues
    • SMC/PTA of 6 schools facilitated and strengthen for preparing/updating School Improvement Plans (SIP)
    • 2 events of orientation organized for teachers on “learning and teaching with dignity, without discrimination”
    • 455 needy children (ex-kamaiyas, landless, dalits and IDP families) supported with scholarship support to start / continue education
    • 2 Classes of adult literacy for different life skills conducted for 60 youth/women