DEPROSC-Nepal entered into an Agreement with Practical Action

DEPROSC-Nepal and Practical Action (a UK based INGO  in Nepal) have entered into an agreement to implement Empowering Women Farmers with Digital Finance, Nepal. The project will work in eight rural municipalities namely: Dangisaran and Shantinagar of Dang; Rumtigadi, Thawang, Pariwartan, Triveni of Rolpa; Bhume, Putha Uttarganga of Rukum East. The project period is August 2022-October 2025.

Project partner includes DEPROSC-Nepal for rural financial inclusion, Prabhu Management as a digital service provider and Agriculture Development Bank. Project will closely collaborate with banks, MFIs, cooperatives, farmer’s groups, women group and the local governments and any other applicable government bodies at municipal level.

The project aims to make digital financial services inclusive and accessible to poor and marginalized poor farmers. Women Digital Champions will play a key role in unlocking the potential of women farmers through digital and financial literacy.; household agency building to overcome negative social and gender norms; and mentorship. The project will provide farmer and cooperatives with appropriate digital services and technology and strengthen the relationship and linkages between women farmers, cooperatives, financial service providers, banks, microfinance institutions and local authorities.

The project outcomes focus to increase the access 5500 farmers (80% women) to a wide range of affordable and appropriate digital financial products and services to support their crop and livestock value chain and enterprise development activities.