Basic health and sanitation condition in most of the rural and remote areas of Nepal were pitiful when DEPROSC-Nepal start its intervention. Those areas, in particular, remote villages of mid and far western regions’ districts were preserved by age-long ill-practices and superstition which placed women and children into more vulnerable condition with limited health facilities and sanitation practices.

DEPROSC-Nepal first intervened in the sector in 1998 with Community Health Initiative project in Dadeldhura. Since, then it has been working to reduce incidence of chronic diseases and mortality, especially among children less than 5 years; maternal health care and awareness; immunization; potable drinking water and sanitation behaviour. It is more focused in raising awareness on health and sanitation, promoting preventive measures and capacity building of local health offices.

Till date, it has reached to 33,411 HHs and benefited 225,617 people in the sector through construction of 410 drinking water schemes and 4,194 low cost latrines, and installation of 4,702 Improved Cooking Stoves.

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