Rural life is difficult in absence of basic community assets like drinking water schemes, irrigation facilities, suspension bridges, school buildings, health post buildings, community meeting meetings, green roads, mule trails etc. DEPROSC-Nepal adopted an integrated approach for development where rural community asset creation was an integral part. In most of our integrated programs, communities identified and prioritized their most urgent community assets to be constructed or rehabilitated. DEPROSC-Nepal tried to match program priority, budget and community aspirations.

With our facilitation, communities have constructed or rehabilitated 7989 community assets. It has greatly contributed to create a better environment in improving basic services like primary education, health services, drinking water facilities, sanitation coverage, access to market, additional production in farms.   Detail of asset created or rehabilitated have been mentioned in the table below:

Total Households covered l318935 Total Population covered 1640214
Nos. of Irrigation Scheme 4789 Ha Irrigated 17671
Nos. DWS system 410 Nos. of Tap stand 1745
Nos. Sub Health Post building 21 Nos. of School building 344
Nos. of Rural Road 843 Km Road 810
No of Bridge-Suspended 139 Nos. of Community Building 67
Nos. of Micro hydro 15 Others 1241
Total Schemes 7989    
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