Awareness on Community based Health Insurance, Dadhing (CBMHI, DEPROSC-Nepal)

Promotion of Community Base Micro Health Insurance in Dhading


Save the Children Country Office, Sundhara and Micro Insurance Academy (MIA), Germany/India


  • Exposure to policy makers of different level to micro insurance
  • Transfer of risk from communities to commercial entities through reinsurance
  • Capacity enhancement in administering micro health insurance
  • Knowledge sharing on financial risk management among poor households
  • Greater access of inclusive micro health insurance

Project area:

The project is being implemented in 8 VDCs of Dhading district namely: Baireni, Kalleri, Pida, Jogimara, Kumpur, Gajuri Naubise and Benighat

Activities and Achievement

Thematic Areas Expected Results and indicators Achievements 1 Achievements 2 Achievements 3
Livelihood ……………
Income and Assets growth in support of nutrition health and education of children Result 1: Increased access to inclusive and affordable micro health insurance
1214 People including children from vulnerable families have access to health insurance scheme 0 908 908
Redesign New Benefit package 0 1 1
# Centre members paying premium for micro health insurance 0 42 42
Seed fund Handed over to community fund 0 908 908
#of claims submitted 0 139 139
# of claims settled. 0 139 139
Result 2: Increased knowledge of financial risk management among poor households
Awareness campaign conducted 1 1 2
New Package finalized for next year and enrollment renew 1 1 2
IEC Materials print 4200 6800 11000
Facilitators Selection and Mobilization 0 8 8
Result 3: Increased capacity of communities to self administer a micro health insurance scheme
At least 7 claim committees and 1 main committee increased their capacity on micro health insurance scheme
2 training on insurance schemes to claim committees organized 0 2 2
1 training on insurance schemes to main committee organized 0 1 1
1 training on Field staff organized 0 1 1
2 Refresher Trainings on Activist and Field Stafforganized 2 0 2
8 Refresher training to Coordination and Claim Committees organized 0 8 8
Coordination Committee have legal Identity 0 0 0
2 Exposure visits of staff organized 0 1 1
Result 4: Increased risk transfer from communities to commercial entities (reinsurance)
At least five types of benefit packages redesigned for micro health insurance scheme 0 1 1
Benefit package redesign 0 1 1
Result 5: Local, district and National level policy makers are exposed to micro insurance and its benefits
At least 10 members of different government line agencies and political parties oriented on micro health insurance 0 0 0
One district information meeting organized 0 1 1

The Effects Achieved by Project Objective

The project has embodied major five objectives on which the field level achievements are in lined with. Awareness raising on the economic risk management amongst the beneficiaries seem to have been effective which has also been triangulated through the focus group discussion and field interactions, however there is still more to do. Similarly, claim committee and coordination committee members are acquainted with the programme and claim settlement process. Claim development, process, verification and approval process are taken place quite smoothly. So far some 139 claims are settled without any problems and conflict. Moreover, staff and members of the Subaghaya micro health security fund are trained on methods and process of project implementation followed by on site assistance.

The project is firmly gearing towards enhancing the access to health services to the poor and marginalized people. People living in remote villages have expressed their commitment towards the membership and obtaining health services from the micro health insurance acknowledged hospitals. Despite the fact, number of members in the Saubaghya Microhealth insurance is still low and the project is at the beginning of year two hence it seems too early to speak about the financial viability of the scheme.

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