Development Project Service Centre (DEPROSC-Nepal) with the support of Trail Bridge Support Unit (TBSU/Helvetas) has being implementing Bridge Building in Local Level (BBLL) in Nuwakot district since July 2001 and in Rukum district since July 2006. The strategy of BBLL has focused on sensitizing and organizing poor communities through social mobilization so as to bring them in the mainstream of development. It has mainly two components such as Social mobilization and Technical support.

The goal is to improve access of the local people to social and basic services, and economic resources and opportunities, and thereby contribute to poverty alleviation. It is aimed that rural people including 50% disadvantaged people will enjoy safe and improved river crossing facility through trail bridges. An increase of 15% is expected in school attendance and number of patients visiting health posts. Jobs for 6.5 million person-days are expected to be created at local level.

Coverage 2009 to 2017:

Particulars Nuwakot Rukum Total
Name of Donor Agency Helvetas Helvetas/RRRSDB  
No of staff Mobilized 2 3 5
No of VDC Worked 48 21 69
Total New bridge construction 74 31 105
Total Major Maintenance 25 0 25
Total no. of HHs covered 42875 10761 53636
Total no. of beneficiary 237842 65119 302961
Total Budget 164768015 80711659 245479674
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