WFP and DEPROSC enter agreement to work in Dolakha

DEPROSC-Nepal and World Food Programme have entered into an agreement on 27 August 2015 so as to implement ‘Food for Work and Training in 13 food insure VDCs of Dolakha. The program has been named as ‘Emergency Operation, Phase III’, which will be operated until 31 January 2015. It will reach 8714 families in those VDCs (Alampu, Bigu, Gaurishankar, Lamabagar, Kalinchowk, Worang, Khare, Khopachagu, Marbu, Laduk, Chilankha, Chankhu, Bulung).

The beneficiary families will engage in reconstruction/rehabilitation of public assets like rural roads, non-motorable wooden bridges, irrigation schemes, land development, improved ghatta (water mill), pavement improvement, culvert maintenance, pond, drinking water supply, school building, health post building etc for 40 workdays and in return, each family will receive 150 kg of rice and 27 kg of lentil in two installments.

It is expected that this program will help the earthquake hit and food insecure families for their gradual recovery. 

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