Long Term Standby Agreement (LSA) between OXFAM and DEPROSC to work in human capacity building for disaster preparedness

DEPROSC-Nepal has entered into an agreement with OXFAM, Nepal Office to work for the human capacity building of civil society organizations on disaster preparedness in case of major disaster in Nepal. With the increasing vulnerability, there is a lot of work to be done in this sector. DEPROSC will enhance the capacity of civil society partners in emergency food security and vulnerable livelihood (EFSVL), initiate to develop organizational contingency plans, develop roster of the trained Humanitarian Response personnel in the organization for immediate mobilization during emergency for assessment, response and recovery phase, and support with human resources to Oxfam for Humanitarian Response during an emergency, if required.

As a strategic partner for EFSVL, DEPROSC will work closely with all wings of OXFAM, its partner organizations and networks around Nepal in tune with government policies.

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