Food Assistance at the Gadda Chauki (Kanchanpur) Holding Centre

Large number migrants working in different parts of India are returning back home with the growing number of COVID 19 cases and deaths in India. One of the major boarder-posts that Nepalese migrants coming through is Gadda Chauki, Kanchanpur. Such migrants are kept in the holding centre to test COVID who later sent to various health institutions as per their situation. COVID negative returnees are also kept in the holding centre until the buses are filled to send them to their respective districts in coordination with private transporters.

Migrant workers coming to Nepal reach to the border post travelling all day and night from different parts of India. There is no restaurant and hotel for them to eat food in the lockdown scenario. In this situation, migrants have to remain hungry for hours and have to travel empty stomach until they reach their respective hometown, considering the huge gap of basic food availability, DEPROSC-Nepal from its own resources decided to provide food to them from 8:00 am in the morning to 3:00 pm in the afternoon.

Considering the severity of COVID situation and to reduce the possibility of further transmitting it among the migrants, dry food (a packet of instant noodle, a packet of biscuit, 100 gram beaten rice, two bananas and one apples and a bottle of water) is being distributed obtaining the approval from local administration where security is very much supportive in providing us shelter, security and arranging the travelers to receive food in an organized manner.


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