DEPROSC-Nepal endorsed Charter for Change and signed Charter of Accountability

DEPROSC-Nepal has endorsed Charter for Change (C4C). C4C is an initiative that aims to transform the way the humanitarian system operates to enable local and national actors to play an increased and more prominent role in humanitarian response. The 8-point Charter for Change outlines a number of commitments intended to strengthen the capacity of local actors, increase transparency within the sector and emphasize the importance of national actors in humanitarian response.


Further, DEPROSC-Nepal has signed and supported Charter of Accountability (COA). COA is an initiative, led by local and national NGO C4C endorsers, aimed to strengthen downward accountability of the humanitarian system to the disaster affected by enabling locally-led action through strengthening principled partnership between local/national and international humanitarian actors.


Both C4C and COA are important initiatives for the organization to accelerate localization agenda in Nepalese context. The organization is also promoting local partnership and locally led disaster management system through international networks like NEAR network and other localization working groups in Nepal.

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