DEPROSC Nepal and Winrock International entered into an agreement

DEPROSC Nepal and Winrock International entered into an agreement in regards to implementation of KISAN II on September 13, 2017. The contract is effective since the date till April 11, 2022.

The USAID/Nepal-funded KISAN II project is improving food security in twenty Hill and Terai districts in the Western, Mid-Western and Far-Western regions of the country and four districts in the Central region. The purpose of the project is to increase resilience, inclusiveness, and sustainability of income growth in the Feed the Future Zone of Influence. KISAN II will help lead firms, input suppliers, and private sector change agents catalyze agricultural productivity, competitive market systems, a stronger enabling environment, and business and literacy skills for households in two Zones of Influence.

DEPROSC will contribute in two key areas: building business skills and increasing the access of appropriate financial services.

The business literacy component will reach out to at least 70,000 participants, who will attend training on entrepreneurial skills, life skills, access to financial services, child health and nutrition. It is expected that some 90% of targeted vulnerable beneficiaries will either initiate or expand sales of goods and services by using the skills they acquire.

In regards to financial services segment, DEPROSC will contribute to increase the competitiveness of firms and farmers by enhancing their access to appropriate financial services. These activities will encourage vulnerable societies to engage in sustainable economic activities and increase their resilience.

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