Agreement with Save the Children International in Nepal

DEPROSC-Nepal has entered into an agreement with Save the Children International in Nepal to undertake specific activities under a project SABAL Community Resilience Program AID-OAA-I5-0002 funded by USAID. The agreement has come into effect from December 15, 2014 to July 31, 2019. The project covers six central and eastern districts of Nepal: Makwanpur, Sindhuli, Ramechap, Khotang, Okhaldhunga and Udaypur.

SABAL long term goal is to increase resilience for targeted vulnerable populations in Nepal. It is designed to address root causes of poverty (food insecurity, and malnutrition, households unable to absorb shocks from disaster to climate change impacts). Contributing factors include poor market access; limited access to improved seed, fertilizer or micro irrigation; a lack of local off farm employment opportunities; household labour storages due to long distance mitigation and limited access to financial services, impeding efficient transfers, safe saving and productive investment of remittances

The role of DEPROSC-Nepal under this project SABAL is to increase access to saving, other financial services and micro health insurance. It will train individuals, strengthen local organization and facilitate market access to increase resilience and improve access to economic opportunities. It will assist to improve financial literacy, saving and promote productive investment. The project will serve and impact more than 204,000 beneficiaries in 164 targeted VDCs ranked as highly vulnerable based on the disadvantaged groups ( DAG) ranking system
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