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DEPROSC Nepal and Mott Macdonald Limited entered into an agreement

October 15, 2017 (Sunday)

DEPROSC Nepal and Mott Macdonald Limited entered into an agreement to ...

DEPROSC-Nepal celebrated 25 years of its journey towards Poverty Reduction

October 20, 2017 (Friday)

Development Project Service Center (DEPROSC) Nepal celebrated its 25 y...

DEPROSC Nepal and Winrock International entered into an agreement

September 14, 2017 (Thursday)

DEPROSC Nepal and Winrock International entered into an agreement in r...

Agreement with Oxfam to work in Recovery and Reconstruction in Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts

April 01, 2017 (Saturday)

Oxfam and DEPROSC have agreed to extend Nepal Earthquake Recovery and ...

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What We Do

DEPROSC Nepal has nearly two decades of experience in implementing development projects in rural areas of the country. From 2002 onwards, the centre started working in western region of the country focusing in the hills of mid western region. Even at the time of conflict, DEPROSC Nepal implemented projects supported by United Nations like UNICEF, WFP, DFID and UNDP in remotest parts of the Karnali zone. Similarly DEPROSC has the experience of implementing humanitarian assistance namely Emergency Operations for the first time in Nepal with support from UN/WFP for drought affected people in mid western region in which DEPROSC mobilized almost 25107 MT of commodities immediately in different parts of the country. DEPROSC Nepal is also working in Disaster preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction more intensively from 2007. It was engaged in emergency operation during Koshi Flood in 2009. 

DEPROSC not only implements action programs for the direct benefits to people in difficulties but at times, it also carries scholarly activities as research & studies. Both action programs and research are categorized into different thematic areas through four departments namely:

Social Development Department

This department is responsible for strengthening the grassroot organizations like CBOs, cooperatives and local NGOs developed by different projects implemented by this center. It cares the membership coverage, economic base, linkages and human capacity of local institutions for sustainability. Later on these CBOs should become the forums for discussion on issues like: Natural Resources, Community Assets/infrastructure and Social responsibility. As DEPROSC has faith on equality of humanity, freedom of speech and expression and equality in privileges and opportunities, we strive for the end of exclusion, slavery, discrimination and autocracies. So DEPROSC aims to use these forums to talk on issues like inclusion, social harmony, basic education and health as citizens' rights, gender equity, nutrition and other local issues.. DEPROSC is inviting for concerted efforts of multiple donors for the community development of its program area. Community development as such at present has been focused on the hardware part e.g: construction and rehabilitation of school and health post buildings, micro irrigation, track trails, drinking water schemes, micro hydro generation, disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness. This department also looks after GIS and database management.

Livelihood Improvement Department

This department is responsible for designing and implementing various programs that aim to scale up local economy, increase production and linkage with markets and skill transfer so as the people within the vicious cycle of poverty can come out of it. However, it also designs and involves in humanitarian packages to the communities who are affected by natural calamities including drought and who are in greater risks and are adopting unsustainable coping strategies for livelihood. It encourages commercialized farming, lease-land and riverbed farming, appropriate technologies, linkage building for producers and skill-training for landless

And small-farmers. Capacity of producers and their organizations/groups and small infrastructures that can help economic promotion are other concerns of this department. The department for disseminates improved technology in agriculture, livestock farming, forestry and off-farm activities and encourage them to undertake feasible and appropriate enterprises.

Weak performance of the industrial sector has caused decline in export whereas low productivity with heavy dependence on agriculture along with good inflow of remittance has assisted for the rise of import bill, which has widened the trade gap. In this context, this department aims to support the government in import substitution and scale up of export by boosting exportable agricultural and forest-based products.

Rural Finance Department

This department is related to designing and implementing activities related to rural finance. The center has taken a number of measures to enhance its capacity to develop into a pioneering institute mainly on economic development and rural finance. The centre has already disbursed over one billion Nepali rupees to the households in tune with Nepal Rastra Bank policy of deprived sector lending. . DEPROSC has contributed financing irrigation loans to shallow tube-wells irrigation with its own resources.

It has also instituted "DEPROSC Development Bank DD Bank" with equity participation by major commercial banks and individual promoters. It also attempts to ensure credit access to rural people for income generation.

Natural Resource Management Department

The department is responsible to facilitate the communities in utilizing Nepal's abundant natural resources for daily use and economic upliftment. This department looks after water projects (irrigation and drinking water schemes, water mills, micro hydro), NTFP and forest based products, community and leasehold forestry. Of lately, we are making efforts to link the forest groups with herbal based entrepreneurs or producers of herbal products.

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