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October 15, 2017 (Sunday)

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October 20, 2017 (Friday)

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April 01, 2017 (Saturday)

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Emergency Operations (EMOP)

Donor: World Food Program (WFP)

EMOP 2006-2008

The winter season of 2005/2006 was the driest winter in the last four decades. 70 VDCs of 10 districts of mid and far western regions were worst hit by it and in later part other VDC of these district have been affected by drought and hailstorm. Acute shortage of food was there in these districts. To provide immediate relief to these people WFP initiated Emergency Operations for the first time in June 2006.

For the first time in Nepal, DEPROSC-Nepal implemented EMOP in Jajarkot and Kalikot in the first phase during 8 June- 30 Sept 2006 covering 12916 HH of 16 VDCs and in Dolpa, Humla & Jumla district from 15 November 2006 to 31st January 2007 covering 8458 HH of 24 VDCs in third phase.

Also 3826 households were supported with wheat seeds in Dolpa and Humla districts.
Inclusive approach was taken in both phases. All households falling in the targeted VDCs were involved to work in FFW.
In fourth phase ward level targeting were adopted and program implemented in Dolpa, Humla, Jajarkot, Jumla, Kalikot and Rukum district from 15 March-14 June 2007 covering 21670 HH of 60 VDCs

Altogether 667 community assets were created in mobilizing 584 User groups during three phases To address the nutrient need of pregnant/lactating woman and children in addition to the regular rice support WSB (wheat Soya blend) was also supplied in EMOP DEPROSC mobilized 3356.56 MT of rice and 588.01 MT of WSB supporting 34412 households at ultimate risk out of 34412 HH 7051 HH involved twice. Beneficiaries were encouraged to carry their commodity by themselves so that porter age was directly given to them. This helped these people in buying additional households goods. Altogether 43,044 participants including 11,054 females were involved in FFW activities. The number of females in UC, UC managerial posts and UG was also very encouraging 47 %, 48 %, 26 % respectively.

Distribution of commodity in different phases of EMOP in mid western region

Phase (commodity in MT)
District Commodity type I III IV V Total
Dolpa Rice   249.02 90.48   339.50
WSB   43.58 16.51   60.08
Humla Rice   234.64 266.32 176.72 677.68
WSB   41.06 46.66 30.93 118.64
Jajarkot Rice 649.80   455.43 547.92 1653.15
WSB 114.20   79.72 95.91 289.83
Jumla Rice   192.56 372.00   564.56
WSB   33.70 65.10   98.80
Kalikot Rice 300.90   417.93 394.64 1113.47
WSB 52.20   73.19 69.06 194.45
Rukum Rice     126.48 181.31 307.79
WSB     22.13 31.72 53.86
Total Rice 950.70 676.22 1728.64 1300.59 4656.14
WSB 166.40 118.34 303.30 227.63 815.66
Grand Total   1117.10 794.55 2031.94 1528.22 5471.81

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