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DEPROSC-Nepal’s 25th Annual General Meeting

September 02, 2018 (Sunday)

DEPROSC-Nepal conducted its 25 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 31st Au...

डिप्रोक्स—नेपाल रजत जयन्ती प्राज्ञिक पुरष्कारका लागि दरखास्त आव्हान

August 31, 2018 (Friday)

विकास आयोजन सेवा केन्द्र (डिप्रोक्स—नेपाल) १० असोज, २०५० मा स्थापना भई...

DEPROSC Nepal and Mott Macdonald Limited entered into an agreement

October 15, 2017 (Sunday)

DEPROSC Nepal and Mott Macdonald Limited entered into an agreement to ...

DEPROSC-Nepal celebrated 25 years of its journey towards Poverty Reduction

October 20, 2017 (Friday)

Development Project Service Center (DEPROSC) Nepal celebrated its 25 y...

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Community Based Income Generation Project CBIG, Phase I (1997 to 1999)

Donor: Royal Danish Embassy (DANIDA), Nepal.

A) Social Mobilization, B) Rural Finance, C) Skill Development, D) Economic Promotion
E) Community Infrastructure Development F) Natural Resource Management.

Project area:
Rasuwa District: Bhorle, Yarsa, Dhaibung, Laharepauwa, Dhunche, Ramche and Syafru VDCs

Target Groups:

  • (i) Women groups,
  • (ii) Deprived caste such as Kami, Damai and Sarki (KDS) and
  • (iii) Tribal groups such as Tamang communities

Activities Conducted:

1. Social mobilization:

  • CBO (SCO, PGs, WUGs, FUGs, and FA) formation and monthly meeting organized
  • Linkages with District line agencies developed
  • Semi- Annual and Annual Review and planning meeting organized
  • Coordination meeting with DDC and VDCs organized

2. Rural Finance:

  • SCO organized
  • Saving collected and mobilized for income generation activities
  • SCC legalized at district level

3. Skill Development:

  • Leadership Development Training
  • Book keeping and Accountancy Training
  • Saving-credit Training
  • Cash crop Production
  • Postharvest handling
  • Forest management

4. Income Generation:

  • Introduced and support of improved saplings and seeds of fruits, vegetables and cash crops
  • Demo nursery established
  • Support of agriculture inputs
  • Market network established for PGs

5. Community Infrastructure Development

  • Construction and Rehabilitation of micro-irrigation schemes, drinking water schemes
  • Construction of Rustic Stores
  • Installation of Water Mill (Ghatta) and
  • Marketing install (Ghumti Pasal) constructed

6. Natural Resource Management

  • Aromatic and Medicinal forest plants plantation
  • Forest Tree saplings and fodder plants planted at leaseland.

Achievement During Project Period Phase I

Particulars Total
No. of Staff mobilized 18
No. of VDCs covered 7
No. of Ward covered ?
Settlement covered ?
Total HHs beneficiaries 2766
Total value of vegetable production by PG members NRs. 9,617,019
Total value of fruit production by PG members NRs. 938,064
Total saving by SCO members 1,337,059
CBOs formed  
PGs 59
PG Members (HHs) 1503
Registered FAs 2
SCO 61
SCO Members (HHs) 2017
Women members in SCO 49.5%
Loan recovery rate 94%
WUGs 32
FUGs 18
FUG Member HHs 707
Micro-irrigation projects (Constructed) 11
Drinking water schemes (constructed) 14
Drinking water schemes (Rehabilitated) 7
Improved Water Mill (Ghatta) 1
Marketing stalls (Ghumti Pasals) 2
Agro-vet Enterprise established and Promotion 1
Rustic Stores 1
Total Fruit saplings introduced by type 14
Total Vegetable introduced by types 12
Plantation and cash crop introduced by type 10
Cardamom saplings 2200
Broom Grass 15650
Total forest plant plantation (ha) 55.25 ha
Total no of skill based Trainings 41
Total budget NRs (Approved) 13296000
Total Expenditure NRs. 12239015.77

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