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DEPROSC-Nepal’s 25th Annual General Meeting

September 02, 2018 (Sunday)

DEPROSC-Nepal conducted its 25 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 31st Au...

डिप्रोक्स—नेपाल रजत जयन्ती प्राज्ञिक पुरष्कारका लागि दरखास्त आव्हान

August 31, 2018 (Friday)

विकास आयोजन सेवा केन्द्र (डिप्रोक्स—नेपाल) १० असोज, २०५० मा स्थापना भई...

DEPROSC Nepal and Mott Macdonald Limited entered into an agreement

October 15, 2017 (Sunday)

DEPROSC Nepal and Mott Macdonald Limited entered into an agreement to ...

DEPROSC-Nepal celebrated 25 years of its journey towards Poverty Reduction

October 20, 2017 (Friday)

Development Project Service Center (DEPROSC) Nepal celebrated its 25 y...

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Community Based Economic Development Project (CBED, 1996 to 2000)


A) Entry Point Activities, B) Commodity Promotion, C) Rural Finance (Saving and Credit Cooperative Promotion Program, and D) Natural Resource Management (Community Forest)

Project area:
15 VDCs and one Municipality of Dadeldhura District:in far western development region

Target Groups:
(i) Illiterate Women (ii) Poor farmers

Major Activities of the Project

  • Organization of literacy classes followed by business literacy classes exclusively for women
  • Construction of grinding and expelling mills as a time saving measures for women
  • Rehabilitation of existing and construction of new drinking water schemes,
  • Organization of training and workshops on participatory gender analysis and environment awareness.
  • Development of environmentally sustainable income generating agricultural activities such as high value cash crop production.
  • Commodity promotions through organize groups and formation and strengthening of farmer's cooperatives.
  • Formation and federation of district level farmers associations (FAs) and other district chapter.
  • Natural Resource Management and NTFP program

Progress and Achievement

1 Entry point activities

  • 609 illiterate women have completed basic literacy classes.( later this activity transferred to CHI )
  • 7 drinking water schemes, 4 community managed grinding and expelling mills established and 3 traditional stone mills ( ghatta ) improved as time saving schemes for women

2. Commodity Promotion

  • 3,221 households involved in cash crops (fresh vegetables, vegetable seeds and citrus) production out of which 1,155 farmers producing vegetables in more than one ropani of land
  • 59 micro irrigation schemes has been constructed.
  • On an average 1,500 MT. of off-season vegetable and 1,500 MT of citrus fruit, 18 MT of seed produced and marketed annually. Mainly vegetable seed production has become a viable source of income.
  • Household income increased by 25 % compared to the baseline income
  • Farmer's Association turnover of Rs 1,000,000, FA’s profit Rs 20,000 recorded.
  • 32.5 % of the FA members and 31% of FA board members are women.

3. Rural Finance (Savings and Credit Cooperative Promotion Program)

  • 4,703 households and 5,357 persons are members of SCO/SCCs.
  • 4,316 households and 4,942 are members of registered SCOs.
  • Average number of members per SCC reached 190.
  • 45.% of total SCCs members are female (i.e.2,241/4,942*100) and 39% of total board members are women. (i.e 103/264*100)
  • Average loan able fund per SCC reached to Rs. 23,0971 and 35% of total loan given to women (901/2488*100).
  • 92% of the total capital mobilized and Loan recovery rate is over 95%.
  • Rs. 3,094 is average profit per SCC
  • 26 SCCs covering cost and generating profit, 24 SCCs have salaried accountant
  • 7 SCCs have access of loan from external source of fund.
  • 22 SCC are member of District Credit Union of Savings and Credit Co-operatives.

4. Natural Resource Management (Community Forest)

  • 44 CFUGs are legally registered and 2720 households are the members of the registered CFUGs.
  • 50.89% of members are women in FUG board.
  • 17 of existing CFUGs with revised operational plan which benefited 1435.
  • 31 CFUGs are generating more than Rs.3000 income annually.

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